Welcome to your new church family!

The problem

Let’s face it, in the age of technology, its hard to have deep, meaningful relationships with people and even more with God.

In the midst of feelings of isolation and disconnection, more than ever before, people are craving community with others and connection with God.

Sometimes, it’s even hard to find this kind of authentic connection in a church.

Our solution

Real connections & community.

We’re here to help you connect with other people and Take the Next Step in your relationship with God.

We see church differently – not as a building or gathering – but as a family.

How to Connect

Like any family, we meet one night a week for food & connection. We’ll spend time praising Jesus through music, growing in our relationships with God as someone teaches from the Bible, & sharing our thoughts in discussions.

We’ll also meet in smaller Community Groups throughout the week. Show up for authentic connection, real conversations, and time spent talking about Jesus.

We’d love to hear your story or share ours. Name the place and drinks are on us!